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Hua Weiwen is changed changing sadly (2)
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Hua Weiwen is changed changing sadly (2)

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The new challenge of culture brainwashing

In the process that changes construction in Hua Weiwen, an important step undertakes culture brainwashing to employee namely. This also is China bed concept is perforative the safeguard in all employee conduct. Especially now, china the average age that is employee has 20 many years old only, "80 hind " the main group that generation becomes employee. To China for for, how to teach " this side had not sufferred rigorous professional accomplishment training, professionalism level on the low side, the singleton with individual very strong viewpoint of value female " , become a new difficult problem.

Zhang Ruimin of presiding apparitor of sea Er group ever stated he does two things only in sea Er, one is stylist, one is a priest. Jackie. Welch also expresses, company culture is brainwashing, let employee give an enterprise to manage his thought gradually namely. " base course of study is evergreen " in when speaking of company culture, also write: "Company culture is the devotional culture like religion. "Company culture is the devotional culture like religion..

But regard a type of production as the enterprise, sea Er has automation line to pull a person, the fluidity of employee again mostly unapt cause too big question, and this to technology enterprise China for for probable however it is deadly.

Current, china groom to had formed a perfect talent system. After new employee enters duty, should be in above all China groom into duty for what the university undertakes a week. It is culture for aggrandizement China, new employee arrives China run to rose partly at 6 o'clock hold, be late should buckle cent, and the cent that buckles chummery employee even.

"This is not inhuman, it is education group spirit, cannot let new employee each does things in his own way like be in an university. Otherwise, china come in for a year 15 thousand graduate, if be the mob of lax in discipline completely, china be about to be dropped by dilute for original culture. " the explanation says Wu Chunbo, "The action of culture already OK and attenuant, OK also aggrandizement. If this culture is to have strong culture very much, after who comes in so do, you are not done so feel embarrassed. You are not done so feel embarrassed..

The culture course of new employee has 4, every are very thick, include all sorts of articles and case, have special teacher professor. Every new employee arrives China match an adviser to want, the adviser is old stuff, tell culture to new employee, tell a tradition, tell flow, solve thought problem and business problem. China to be opposite the adviser has measure of severe rewards and punishment, new employee went a problem to want to find out the adviser's responsibility. New employee sees a movie also is to have cultured, china include for what appoint " thick line of the accused mountain as form of a address for an official or rich man " this kind of film that arouses people to undertake thinking over to authority processing.
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