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China the thing that it is secret: Three-bristle cudrania of collect of exhauste
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China the thing that it is secret: Three-bristle cudrania of collect of exhausted さ of Xiang of   M exhibits ぷ

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China regard a high-tech as the enterprise for the company, from do poineering work begin, the business that holds to the market from beginning to end is successfully oriented, the improvement of all all investment, management succeeds around the market trade of the product closely, especially of slam the door is to break away from what business directs successfully, only technical innovation. This kind of blind and prideful innovation, for the company that does not have financing source to us, as good as commits suicide.

   Annual research and development throws 7789 yuan: Heretofore China is the product invention that achieves a gender formerly without

China the 10 % above that holds to devoted sales revenue every year to be in 18 years of in the past is on research and development, especially the last few years, more than 25 thousand employee are engaged in job of research and development, capital investment is maintained in annual 70, 8 billion yuan of above, through 18 years struggle difficultly, up to now, china invent to achieve sexual product formerly without, basically do, what what obtain is a few functions, character made go up on the achievement that is in western company improve the promotion with compositive ability, more it is to behave the technology that realizes a respect in engineering design, project to progress, with foreign competitor a few years, very consummate of hundred years accumulate photograph comparing to still exist very big difference; To the core technology that we lack, china the means that buys to just be passed and the means that pay patent license cost, realized the market admittance of the international market of the product, get stage by stage on competitive market live, this compares him steer clear of these patent adopt other method to come true, cost wants low much, pay charge as a result of ours, also came true to get along with the peace of western company.

Today, as a result of technical standard open with transparent, future has a company again hard, hold of a country is absolutely the foundation of the advantage is patent, of this kind of crucial patent change dispersedly, for across permissive patent established a foundation, the patent of mutual accredit use the other side will more generalization. As a result of Internet develop, make created an invention to be changed more extensively, easier. We realize need blends in an international market in intellectual property respect adequately " club " , intellectual property is the introductory certificate of the international market, without it high-tech product enters an international market hard.

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