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Strategy of Asian industry globalization
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Strategy of Asian industry globalization

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Each countries have the advantage that differs severally, asian country must pay close attention to him already some a few value and advantage, not be respecting abroad be about to abandon.

One " the world is smooth " let " globalization " this vocabulary warms up again, and in the globalization tide in this batch, the most conspicuous is undoubtedly come from Yu Yazhou a few be in the arisen new-style enterprise that cross a country. Actually, be in early 2003, the economist that the United States fills a company high went out with respect to creation " golden brick Shikoku " concept (India of Russia of Brazilian Brazil, Russia, India and Chinese China, its English initial comprises BRICs, namely golden brick Shikoku) , the rise that calls golden brick Shikoku will be mankind of 21 centuries influence's deepest economic trend.

And in this one concept, 3 countries are located in an Asia, the rise of Asian big country is the sufficient confirm of the industry globalization acceleration of these countries, they are entering an international market gradually, but the likelihood has not achieved certain dimensions, deducing the journey with half happy care, collateral tears of blood.

Consolidate first native land market " should very good motive undertakes globalization. If just undertake globalization for globalization, if the result of globalization is to let you abandon your native land market prematurely, this is breakneck. " chairman of bureau of trustee of limited company of international of slave of red of Hong Kong assist and CEO Liu Guoquan emphasize, especially to retail business, its dispute often suffers culture and this locality to change the industry of the influence, if retail firm thinks of the world develops the market, but motive is impure, with respect to possible loss a lot of time are mixed capital, however fatigue and without obtain.

So, in globalization at the beginning of, maintaining a successful local brand is crucial. "Retail firm just should not grow, just should not arrive outside the condition begin the market, more important is the market that should protect him home, there must be certain stability in home market, can resist global brand company has your market. " the trade barrier that enters WTO to be able to break a whole world and camp, national competitor meets all other compete together with indigenous industry, if indigenous industry lacks very strong native land market, the advantage that perhaps does not have method to build his inside short time immediately or skill, defense ability is low, criterion its are remained between the market very flimsy.

"In fact a lot of people felt to span national boundaries undertakes a company manage consider as transnational corporation, but the company that serves as true globalization actually, not be merely there is business in other countries. " Liu Guoquan points out, "You should undertake the word of globalization, still had better consolidate first your native land market. Still had better consolidate first your native land market..
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