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Subtle move " banish " duty field pressure
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Subtle move " banish " duty field pressure

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Have a headache quickly obviously scamper leaves, but think of the task to get the air possibly, be forced to keep giving oneself pressurization again pressurization... " bring vexation on self " young white-collar is absent a few. For raises, to rise duty, for face, they work in excess load while, feel " what bear hard is heavy " ; Break break finger, fatigue, insomnia, lose one's hair, grow stout, a variety of middleaged the following common mistake already pestered a body ahead of schedule. Be aimed at a problem, psychological expert adjusts for you the mood, banish pressure.

Ravel the task decomposes pressure

Shu Yan (the client serves a manager) : My work tired fine do not say, often still have very big " variable " . Day drives night to drive made plan, should overturn finally probably again come again. One have new job now, my the first reaction is " nightmare came again " .

The expert raises action: Unless break away from working environment, people just likelihood and pressure " be isolated from " . The need that lives however, successful need, make people must work hard, do not count on pressure to be able to disappear by oneself so. But pressure also is not to be pressed the person is breathlessly " big hill " , might as well ravel it come divide and rule. For instance, do not think oneself are " all-purpose " , pull next all responsibility. Come up against 9 months ability to do good thing, fasten him hustle to be finished overnight. Why to measure a body to design a career to plan to express for oneself? Distinguish long-dated, metaphase and short-term goal, can answer leisurely. If you are unalterable place, the angle that changes you to see place then and your reaction to place.

Busy in snatch a moment of leisure is slow pressure

Li Wei (accountant office audit) : The record high that I work overtime is successive 3 days did not add up to an eye, after resting a long time, work two days repeatedly again. Also be to do dot of just a little of morrow before dawn at a heat at ordinary times. Person all the day catnap, can lay down really sleep to be not worn again, lot number all piles in brain.

The expert raises action: If live to have only " the job " this theme word, pressure can twine you. Be necessary to disperse so attention, search the fun beyond the job. Recreational momently, it is slow the optimal period of pressure. The white-collar often complains pressure does not have time greatly however, actually busy in loaf on the job is not bad. Take a nap midday, dinner room for manoeuver goes half hours, before falling asleep 10 come minute read read newspaper magazine, can adjust mood. Buoyant, force of human body immunity can increase.
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