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Uncover secret: Well-known company 6 great secret of success leaving ability
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Uncover secret: Well-known company 6 great secret of success leaving ability

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Recipe one: Promote through interior, annulus hillock creates development route for employee

General and electric in-house and rising opportunity

Annual, the president of General Electric Company and manpower resource controller should spend 160 hours resume of careful check and approve, look whether choose an administrative person with ability that suits company future to develop need from which. These candidate are not come from besides the company, it is company in-house staff entirely. Carry through essence of life fine anthology, mining goes out most potential person, throw many capital to undertake groom and coaching next. General and electric think, the opportunity that gives senior administrator to develop inside the company is OK tarry these talents. The rate of talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year of 8% proves general and electric talent strategy is quite successful.

Of sth resembling a net of boreal electrified wire netting " annulus hillock " system

Sth resembling a net of Canadian north electrified wire netting thinks, want tarry is outstanding talent, corporeal award is temporarily countermeasure only. As the propulsion of time, the individual material level of employee rose, the incentive effectiveness of pay can be reduced slowly. Accordingly, sth resembling a net of boreal electrified wire netting pays attention to the profession of employee to develop more in incentive employee respect, help employee makes their professional plan, let employee undertake for example " annulus hillock " . In boreal report, normally staff job can have round of hillock opportunity two years, with drive they develop their potential. Boreal report thinks, cannot let a person be accomplished on a position emeritus, the company should offer a profession to develop a space to come tarry is outstanding talent. And employee is in round of hillock is medium except enjoy similar those who find new job is fresh with fun outside, also acquire many things from which, this to its individual in the future profession development has advantage very much.

   Recipe 2: Encourage " good horse should eat later careless "

Of Motolora time hire a system

A hires a system to encourage active abdication employee of Motolora " good horse should eat later careless " , the employee before welcoming those who belong to core talent especially answers a company to work, for this company formulate very complete time hire a system: If before employee is in 6 months be recruited afresh, he serves computation of accumulative total of general of fixed number of year before, if exceed 6 months, only according to his / she serves fixed number of year to offer award before; If employee is recruited afresh in 6 months, and formal employee been beening before abdication, can absolve probation; If before employee exceeds 6 months to just be recruited afresh, probation is carried out according to new employee; The company gives the work with larger staff own advantageous position, make employee can do him to think the thing that do in the job, oneself intelligence an wisdom can be developed in the job, obtain achievement feeling from inside his job. The employee of Motolora of a lot of return can get toward contact the put sb in a very important position of the company, one of reasons are Motolora thinks they changed company and working station during leaving Motolora, can bring Motolora more new experience and practice, the experience that the company culture of Motolora company diversity welcomes to differ is shared with contribution.
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