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Zhang Guowei: Defeat password of interpret company culture
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Zhang Guowei: Defeat password of interpret company culture

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Defeat interpret password, compose builds harmony to organize culture

Regard manpower resource as practitioner, company culture is an everybody is fond of all the time discuss a topic that has made us confused, the life of person of no less than has cycle same, business processing and development can be divided into different level, alleged and ignorant and for level, to philosophical concept, perhaps call a system to change competitive phase, quantify level to maths again, and final do-nothing and treated phase, building harmonious constituent culture is the target that the country is administered or business processing ought to go after, but in the process that we are building company culture, include my individual inside, often encounter not know what to do puzzle, also once more haste,less speed, we cannot too the action that content changes company culture itself and function, at the same time we also want to discuss its password, its gene from another angle, make us incorrect it too mystification.

The speech includes 4 parts probably: The first why company culture by mystification? Can the 2nd its model be what kind of? The 3rd a few experience that we accumulate in building company culture process, the setback that I think to share experience with everybody more or our misunderstanding; Reveal my individual with everybody finally the answer to respect of company culture password, consult for everybody.

The management of the enterprise can circulate ceaselessly by 4 phase actually, regard a foreign capital as the practitioner that the company worked near 20 years, be often asked about do you think Chinese business management and foreign capital business management after all is difference in? The administrative level that I become aware main difference is alleged and located is different, for instance a lot of enterprises are in ignorance and be level, have more enterprise, especially Chinese enterprise, be in philosophy or the system changes process phase, and a lot of moment had entered foreign enterprise to perhaps entering the phase that quantifies management, accordingly, we have different discussion and different view via often can seeing, my individual thinks the level of place is different, the level of management that represents so is different also, coordinate basically what include an organization from human society and manage means to tell have 3 kinds basically: Alleged with consuetudinary tie; Use authoritative, system, law next; The 3rd with consensus, we are accordingly OK apply mechanically a such models, it is from ignorance, rise to philosophical concept, or the system changes management, it is a kind of transition that becomes consuetudinary from ignorance, rise to quantify management from philosophical system concept, it is to cast off rise completely to the systematization, process that quantifies management by individual authority, ignorant finally and for, administer an enterprise with company culture, culture of so called of course company, it is the topic that we discuss today, we often mix philosophical concept phase interblend of phase of culture of so called company, if do not have experience to quantify management too, talking about company culture to manage blindly is special weakness, often perhaps be a more haste,less speed.
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