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"XX wine shop " advertisement of christmas sales promotion engineers a book
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"XX wine shop " advertisement of christmas sales promotion engineers a book

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Of short duration is become without brief introduction this age bound is changeable, competition of all trades and professions is very intense. After China joins WTO, chinese enterprise especially medium and small businesses is faced with this enormous challenge. Hotel industry is a very cosmopolitan industry, the competition of this group course of study is more intense, how can ability attract more clients? What how can you just raise this restaurant is famous degree? How is ability before formidable competitor remain invincible? Believing this is a problem that bitter think hard of a lot of businessmen alls alone. Hotel industry is different from other industry, the industry that it produces includes corporeal equipment, product and aeriform service, credit, accordingly, want to get benefit, must ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, capture the psychology of consumer, solicit a client.

Christmas is a kind of festival that passes into by western country, contemporary kid likes this festival very mostly, during this, they can walk out of a door with family, search festal atmosphere, also can arrive each old hotel party. Accordingly, capture this opportunity, roll out a series of sales promotion activity, attract more clients, will be gain profit lift. For this, we also according to " flourishing horn wine shop " particular environment, engineered this activity, the hope passes this activity, more new customers are attracted on the foundation of firm old client, in order to achieve the purpose of gain.

One market is analysed

(one) be in to understand consumer the consumptive activity during christmas, our specially is in bank river path shopping mall undertook random questionnaire is investigated. (questionnaire detailed sees add one) findings makes clear, have 90% above 18, kid of 35 years old understands christmas, and also celebrate this festival before; Of 50% 35, the middleaged person of 45 knows christmas, although they do not have the habit that celebrates this festival, but still want to carry close belt friend to be celebrated one time during this. And congratulatory means also is nothing more than get together in the restaurant that has atmosphere quite to, admire beautiful Christmas night scene incidentally. In the meantime, a lot of people point out, if restaurant can roll out a few absorbing sales promotion activities, they choose it with respect to unified exam Lv. Accordingly, it is very necessary that we think to do activity of christmas sales promotion.

(2) this restaurant general situation

"Flourishing horn wine shop " be located in t-shaped buy 3 roads middle, worker 20, basically manage " Beijing dish " . Hire Zhao Keqin of Beijing dish Great Master especially now advocate kitchen. Price of this wine shop faces estate of extensive work firewood, have fixed consumptive group. Every week 4, 5, 6 to sell a height. Wine shop fluctuates in all two: To share a space, set 4 people teapoy 12 pieces; 2 are independence elegant in all 6; Have a calorie of hall that pull OK additionally. Management situation of this wine shop is general, because located a sector of an area and oneself dimensions place are restricted, attract more consumer very hard.
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