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Shanghai Li Zhixian amounts to proposal of plan of whole of project of club & h
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Shanghai Li Zhixian amounts to proposal of plan of whole of project of club & hotel

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Of short duration does not have brief introduction program of strategy of the first part

One, strategic overview:
Capture China to join WTO, Shanghai to apply the opportunity that world rich met 2010 successfully, the club professional experience that uses Taiwan benefit to install Yo happy Inc. to be as long as nearly 20 years, condition that manages successful qualifications and record of service, change in Shanghai home, tripartite of Huian of Hong Kong Hua Mao, Taiwan is provided each in different domain strong point, collective hand in hand below premise, manage with characteristic for the method, adopt a concept to engraft, information is delivered, hardware satisfaction, software is close, dog the measure such as the service, the club construction that waits for all sorts of types into club of type of connoisseur front courtyard, business affairs club, countryside club and manage, pass the effort of nearly 5 years of time, implementation intensive changes management mode, provide enterprise building what professional brand, close service, all ready establishment, satisfactory price reachs overall scope of operations to specialization management group.

2, executive strategy:
Inside the shortest time, the core competition ability that forms him enterprise (namely distinctive competitive advantage method and benign loop mechanism) , so that be standardized in the future,move and duplicate manage.

3, notice a problem:
The belief that should hold move head battle in the arms to surely win (namely the success of the first club) .

Zoology of the 2nd part is decorated
One, management extent fixed position: Proposal extent as far as possible small
1, industry extent -
Because enterprise itself has specializationed management talent, management experience, reason place involves an industry to should be him director. The manpower in view of primary business, material resources, financial capacity, energy is finite, what reason proposal crosses industry extent as far as possible small for the standard, progressively to the means that enlarges extent layer upon layer go forward one by one.
2, manage extent -
Because the job of early days enterprise provides trival sex, the proposal is adopted self-supporting (the enterprise has stronger but * makes gender and experience) , action business (be provided by action businessman boy or girl friend taller famous degree) , collaboration (cooperative object provides tall success rate and experience, and financing is abundant) what tie of 3 kinds of kind will undertake each project establishment is specific manage.
3, market extent -
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