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Sale group manages daily " 3 broad ax "
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Sale group manages daily " 3 broad ax "

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Of short duration does not have the administrative method of group of brief introduction sale and method to have a lot of, day-to-day management, assessment is for instance incentive, communicating education of interactive, state of mind to wait is us a few commonly used management forms. Among them, the author thinks again, the day-to-day management job of sale group is the cornerstone that other management job begins smoothly. Because, flat of high-rise of lofty or bottomless rises; The more most fundamental sex manages the job daily, matter to whole sale group to grow the more. Can say, the study communication of group of a sale, state of mind is adjusted, clear, job decorates information feedback, key basically is to pass what day-to-day management works to begin those who will finish. Will tell commonly, manage the job daily begin basically have the following kinds of means:

One, conference management

Conference sort includes commonly: Everyday every months of meeting, weekly regular meeting, summary meets morning. Group of different of course sale can have different conference cycle. For example " hearts K " carried out in sale group " Zhou Xun of tall, weekly, month in and month out advances day quiet day " conference management system.

Conference content basically includes: (1) , the problem of the working target that the job of the phase on group member summary carries out the phase below circumstance, plan and content, existence in putting forward the job; (2) , the group is led to going up phase sale works make whole analysis and comment on, work to issueing the sale of level make arrangement; (3) , announce outstanding achievement of the phase on group member, reward working precursor and put forward to rectify and reform a proposal to laggard; (4) , begin sale seminar or groom, skill of promotion of help group member, adjust state of mind, taxi of incentive and whole group is angry.

In addition, conference management should notice the following: (1) , the conference is to let a person put forward, analyse and solve a problem, not be the opportunity that offers complaint to the person; (2) , should have specific topic, do not want informal discussion; Want to be able to reach unified conclusion, not theoretic; (3) , do not attend a meeting member absent, do not open time to defer meeting, earnest conference discipline.

2, form management

The design is reasonable the important step that applies member of proper group of sale form since to manage client and ego management, also be group leader (leader) the main tool that undertakes day-to-day management, form management can make working consecution clear, it is outstanding achievement be clear at a glance, OK still to make a person right let a group superintend a client dynamicly.
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