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The constituent sale of the hotel and product are combined
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The constituent sale of the hotel and product are combined

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Of short duration does not have brief introduction to the hotel, market sale is the main component of hotel management activity, it only then before offerring product and service at restaurant, study the growth of the need of guest and stimulative hotel passenger source, develop the latent capacity of hotel market, the accrual of promotional hotel, the demand product that market sale involves contented guest from restaurant current all business activities to guest, make the hotel realizes what its set beforehand to manage a target finally.

Market sale is onefold not just promote mode, the range that it involves is wide and deep, included the investigation of market sale, the design of restaurant product, development and price, the product is promoted, the product is current the content that waits a respect a moment.

The sale of the hotel is concerning the development of the hotel and foreground, how can you just make hotel sale is developed so relatively beautiful advantage? This is managed in whole restaurant in want a consideration constantly, look with respect to me, do good market sale, want to make first-rate sale direct above all, choose better target market, be applied actively and develop all sorts of sale strategy, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of high grade sale.

Constituent sale

Market sale is begun in the organization when, want to accomplish the following:

1, delimit sale area and limits. Sale department manager cooperates the area that salesperson delimit sells and limits, with the means that be responsible for a task unit until it is completed, guide a salesperson actively to extend sale face, the allocation that sells area and limits wants the sale latent capacity according to frequenter, the client's situation and category will try to allocate.

2, the regulation sells index. Sale department manager makes sale index according to the sale target of restaurant and policy. Sale index cent is quantitative index and quality index. Quantitative index has: (1) selling quantity, if the day of guest room sale is counted, meal sale, average room price, sales revenue. (2) sell a frequency, everyday or the sale that should undertake every months visits a frequency. (3) the index of cost of sales and control, the cost of sales that place of every months of salesperson involves, be expended like traffic and entertain charge.

Because the client demand latent capacity of each salesperson be assigned personal responsibility for is different, while formulary salesperson achieves selling quantity, want to decide the quality standard of the sale, quality standard has the salesperson's product and sale knowledge, sell the effect of the visit, the salesperson's operating conditions is spent, working ability and the relation with the client.
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