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Hotel industry giants to industry leader together with China
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Hilton Worldwide signed a strategic cooperation with the Shimao Group Management Protocol Strong development in China, the world's eight hotel brands Hilton Shanghai October 23, 2010 / Xinhua-PRNewswire / - Hilton recently with renowned global real estate and hotel development group - Shimao Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Shenyang, Qingdao, Yantai, Wuxi - Eight cities in joint project development and construction of the hotel. This is Hilton's history in China, the world's largest hotel, signed development agreement. President and by Hilton Global CEO - Chris Nassetta with Shimao Group, Board of Directors, Mr. Vice President Mr. Xu Shitan only recently opened in Shanghai signed the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Hilton Global co-operation with the Shimao Group is the first time. Hotel development and construction of the 8 focus on the development agreement in China, the world's most famous Hilton brand "Hilton" hotel brand (Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Yantai, Wuxi), and the world renowned Hilton luxury hotel brand, "Conrad" brand (Xiamen, Qingdao), eight hotel is the radiation, all projects are expected to be 2011 to 2014 be opened. This time with Shimao Group for strategic cooperation, as an international hotel giant Hilton's president and chief global CEO - Chris Nassetta said: "with the strength of the Shimao Group, a global cooperation for the Hilton is undoubtedly a milestone step. We brand in China has maintained steady development, with high brand recognition and popularity. China is now the most rapidly expanding global business Hilton regions, but also as the Hilton Group, the global market focus in the development of grand strategy in the global play a decisive role. Hilton brand value worldwide, and our advanced management mode with the solid strength of Shimao, we have good reason and the absolute confidence that the immeasurable Hilton together with Shimao prospects. " Similarly, the Shimao Group, Board Vice-Chairman Mr. Xu Shitan on the world joined forces with the Hilton is also high hopes, he said: "Hilton International Hotels worldwide as the industry leader, is undoubtedly the Shimao Group is actively expanding high-end in China hotel market one of the best business partners. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will play their respective advantages and potential co-development of the Mainland Zhuo hotel market. " "As the first to enter China in the international hotel management group, the Hilton since 1988, has been established in China, high brand awareness and brand management, good reputation." Hilton Global Ting Rui Ma, President Asia Pacific said: "This development agreement with the Shimao 8 hotels, strategic layout of the economic development situation and market prospects for a good second-tier cities, will undoubtedly promote the Hilton global market share in China The greatly improve. " Hilton, vice president of Business Development, Greater China, said Li Wei Hao, "the world is now operating in China, Hilton Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, Hilton and Doubletree hotels 4 13 brands, 47 hotels under construction. In the next 5 years we China also plans to open more than 100 hotels. Hilton has been a careful and rigorous global selection of partners, the agreement with the Shimao Group is the development of Hilton's history in China, the world's largest, covering most areas of the hotel development agreement one. Shimao Group in China is no doubt the real estate industry leadership position, while the Hilton hotel management and operations in the world, branding and marketing and other aspects of high-quality brand standards become more so this cooperation so far, the most prominent hotel industry strong strong joint. The partnership is jointly explore the Chinese market, the development of a common strategy, we expect global and Shimao Group Hilton hotel industry in China, a new page. " About Shimao Group: Shimao Group, is an international real estate development enterprise clusters. Now has developed into a "Shimao Property (0813.HK)" and "Shimao shares (600823.SH)" two holding listed companies as the core of large enterprise groups. After nearly two decades of development, has become one of China's real estate industry leaders. At present, the Shimao more than thirty cities in the Mainland, the development of nearly 50 high-quality real estate projects, real estate, tourism, hotel and other fields get attention achievements.

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