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Analysis Chinas hotel management companies to develop pathological
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If evaluation of my personal point of view of Chinese hotel management company, I have only one word to say, a mess! Subjectively speaking, the Chinese hotel industry as a whole, the lack of market-oriented development to promote the hotel's personnel, policies, systems . Objectively speaking, China's hotel industry from the development so far, after all, given the market a short time, the hotel industry in a free market economy has not worked out in the Chinese style of the hotel management. But after all, China is not in the past in China, China's various industries has become the focus of world attention, no matter from which point of view, China is now rich (at least China's overall national economic income Than 80 turned into a good itself, of course, China still has 5 million does not solve the problem of food and clothing the poor population), affluence, China's hotel industry as the development of tertiary industry in China, one of the focuses will be commitment to the Chinese Employment of large quantities of the future, the reason why we focus on hotel management industry, because we tried the hotel management industry in China to look into the current issues facing not only a tremendous impact on China's future strategy, with , Also on the workers engaged in the hotel industry to provide a macro point of view of the hotel management industry in China. Well, the Chinese hotel management company in the end how it? Why is the development of China's hotel management company who restricts Hotel Development? As a hotel management company's workers how to present their own hotel management company targets the hospitality industry's future? First, we look at China's hotel management company, what problem? 1, the management system of immature China's hotel industry development time in just more than 20 years, while the real hotel management company founded more than 10 years time, however, is a Chinese hotel industry, the process will go just great strides into the sports community in the States hotel industry, we have yet to experience in development, resulting in more hotel management companies, there are still a lot of internal management issues, there is a single shop in the hotel boss eager to set up hotel management company, Incidentally, also describing their unlimited future hotel development. However, from hotel Internally, the hotel chain of the basic development and management do not have the ability to output, even worse, now there have been many good developments in the hotel industry General Manager out of the office, set up his own hotel management company, they did not even own the hotel, but they became the company's boss, they are usually able to take over the hotel through the service projects, may take over Project and not much profit, but the growth of their size, they can take over the case without a profitable project, and ultimately reflected in the company is to take over the number of companies. If you are a careful person, you can easily find in the hotel management company this phenomenon, the scale of management 公司 usually not large, but many of them even after the establishment of basic hotel management processes, systems, rules Fan, standards, even though some hotels have these elements, their content has not been a lot of practice to take over the project, the standard is difficult to implement, the system is difficult to be executed, the process is more difficult to operate, all are facing The problem is caused by the ability of the owners of management companies based on doubts. Why take over the project? By not only the relationship between the need to promote the owners in the project return on investment, of course, there can be mentioned in the Chinese hotel management companies, such as: Jin Jiang Hotel Management Company, Construction National hotel management company, Guangdong Hotel Management Company, Hong Kong China Travel Hotel Management Company, Hainan hotel management companies, etc., but very few really been mentioned, take China Jin Jiang Hotel Management company, in recent years Star Level is not recognized in the hotel takeover, the owner of the declining satisfaction, and ultimately, from the Jin Jiang Hotel Management Company in the management of high-star hotel shrinking, homeopathy into fast hotel industry, hotel statistics in 2009 , The Jin Jiang management company is expected to have 80,000 rooms, but the number of occupied rooms Jinjiang about half the total number, then the development in recent years, the star hotel is not how the economy, the important reasons is that Owners of management companies and lead to decreased satisfaction with the owners also hope to dig in the industry all his talents belong. 2, the management personnel is not sufficient In restricting the development of hotel management companies, hotel management personnel also contributed to the lack of hotel management company's development factors, the traditional business of hotel management and staff are often technical in the polarization, the business of ordinary From the relationship often find their jobs, often technical in use in specific sectors, talent is the polarization caused by the hatred between each other, with the professional skills of business and hotel management staff had not been recognized Be. In addition, the Chinese hotel industry is an emerging industry, the market there is no professional education of hotel management, hotel executives in general are developed from the staff level, they view in the hotel industry has not Rise to a certain extent, blindly know Ruhe programmed operation can not be a real hotel manager, product innovation, personnel training, market development and other factors has not been taken seriously (in most hotels, the income As the ultimate goal of Hospitality Management, in the absence of management performance in the context of talking about the hotel itself is a layman's point of view revenue), the overall hotel industry, unsatisfactory supply of talent, lack of professionalism and management capacity of the staff more Very few, coupled with the owners of the hotel management company's one-sided evaluation of the kingdom, leading to the management company eventually became the owners of the large personnel department, they continue to change according to the requirements of the hotel owners to managers, but few of Management of specific evaluation. 3, the development environment and poor Talking about development of the industry environment, the majority of hotel owners had to the situation, in recent years, with the relaxed hospitality industry market, it is inevitable some owners want to pass the hotel business to become listed on the shortcut, the boss asked blindly wine Store revenue, but in the face of hotel construction, hotel future strategic support, hotel operation mode of thinking on the issue of the lack of many problems, the hotel can not be the focus of development as one of many owners have been playing as a market capital operation A result of things hotel management company is bound to deal with the mentality of the owners, management companies charge management fees to the owners in order to earn income as a result, many of the market store brand licensing business is not satisfactory, so Is precisely to develop the business with a capital hotel, hotel management companies can focus on any of the owners will not be made about the work, careful development of hotel business, practitioners gain market awareness. Second, practitioners in the hotel who is also a fact the industry's low-income problem, where staff have the resources to economic theory, where there is the truth, we can not have no income from the industry hope to find true Positive people, In addition, the regional hotel development is also often appear when a very unbalanced state of overcrowding in some parts of the hotel, the hotel doors to cold in some regions, the regional investment environment in the local market while also restricting the Hotel development in the region. 4, trade policy is not the system China's hotel industry policy is almost a decoration, not only did not pass the interest of the hotel workers, and no attempt by industry practitioners to seek advantages for welfare of the current educational environment from domestic and industrial forms of Point of view, do not have the support of the rapid development of the hotel, coupled with some management companies to control lower barriers to entry, the hotel industry, the law is not perfect led to hotel investors seeking a quick return mentality led to the hotel can not Zai Benign environment, natural growth, certain factors tend to be given catalyst, the results have been distorted to show the development of the facts around us, the Chinese have become rich has been unable to give a correct view on the industry environment. In some regions of the hotel industry, there are many phenomena of any linked stars, star ratings in the form of task became Moreover, the hotel star ratings in the country, for the hotel staff how to treat the problem Did not assess the scope of the qualifications of the hotel executives have not been very positive requirements, these factors have become the hotel industry in the development of specific policies of the stain.

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