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Tianjin Golden House International hardcover Wantong Apartments 8,000 yuan /
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Wantong Golden House International, is expected to open mid to late 11 main push a hardcover executive mansion MINI, 10 layers, 13 layers reach the peak, the first two buildings to open, pushing the main units of 30-72 square meters in a room to a small two-bedroom units, all Apartments for the hardcover, price 8500-10000 yuan / ㎡, membership recruitment, the opening day of the offer 2 points, 1 point within a month discount to stay in December 2012. 】 【Business environment Lake commercial project north side recreation center south of the R & D centers of major companies, 】 【Landmarks Airport Management Committee and the Finance Street, east of the low-density residential area, the west side of Hot Springs golf course, car park and the Tianjin Binhai International Airport in close proximity. Other facilities】 【 Binhai New Airport Economic Zone is the core of the invading part of industrial zone, which is located northeast of Tianjin Binhai International Airport, 3 km from the city, 30 km from the port, 110 km from Beijing, is the connecting Beijing and Tianjin Binhai New Area, the west gate, Binhai New Area is to create a highly open and outward-looking economic region, the Airbus A320 assembly line in Tianjin area sits. According to the overall planning of Tianjin, Airport Economic Zone and the regional focus of the development of industry competitive industries, will be "three area nine groups," the new layout. Include: High-tech Industrial Park to the aviation industry, advanced manufacturing, airport logistics industry as the composition of the regional advantages; R & D into areas of telecommunication, biotechnology, optoelectronics components, represented by new industries; Commerce business district, to business, business, life support will constitute the three groups. Around the "three area nine groups" of regional planning, Airport Economic Zone will be careful to create "six bright spots." Include: Air Harbour, to the Airbus final assembly line as a leader, focusing on attracting large passenger aircraft, executive jets, helicopter maintenance projects; Two two-Valley Park, based on existing projects, construction of biological Valley, optical Valley, Software Park, telecommunications Park; Headquarters base, construction, including helicopters, Hainan Airlines, Tianjin aviation, information, etc., Huaqi headquarters and service outsourcing projects; Shopping, fashion boutique building an international city and experience the shopping center, to create consumer shopping destination; Lakeside Square, building electronic virtual experience, culture, creativity, style gym, restaurant and leisure projects; Home business, building affordable housing, hospitals, schools and other functions facilities.

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