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"Rainbow China" Asian Palace Hotel in Beijing started to pass
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November 18, "Rainbow of China" activities Palace Hotel in Beijing launched the "rainbow transmission, to the power of the Asian Games, refueling," the first stop transmission. "Rainbow China" is a departure in October of this year's patriotic public service activities in the network, just one month to join millions of people in the community caused great repercussions. November 18 afternoon, the Beijing Palace Hotel event, in the "rainbow transmission, to the power of the Asian Games, the Chinese oil" under the eye-catching banners, gathered hundreds of rainbow T-shirt wearing "rainbow of Chinese" volunteers, in recognition of China's public welfare activities in rainbow outstanding contributions made by the Beijing Palace Hotel general manager of the "Rainbow China," the promoters of the Chi Wan Ice gift card, it was introduced to this prayer of the block 001 shipped brand label is also a million dollar palace hotel membership card. After the ceremony, volunteers donated hundreds of square outside the hotel at the palace was a symbol of China's millions of volunteers rainbow rainbow blessing of the Asian Games torch relay, by the Rainbow Ice opened the first Chinese sponsor the transfer rod. After delivery, hundreds of on-site participants and volunteers have put down a giant rainbow frame the blessing of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the torch and the full blessings of the rainbow statement of the giant palace rainbow frame will be sent to Shanghai to the Shanghai Volunteer rainbow Chinese volunteers to pass. It is reported that China's Asian Games in this rainbow three relay stations, torch and a giant rainbow rainbow frame passed from Beijing to Shanghai, the Shanghai World Expo Rainbow House Chinese volunteers will pass the second stop, followed by the Shanghai Volunteer giant rainbow rainbow frame will be sent to the torch in Guangzhou, the site passed to the Guangzhou Asian Games volunteers, and ultimately by the Guangzhou Rainbow Chinese volunteers will frame filled with blessings sent to the Asian Games, the giant hands of the rainbow. For this event, Palace Hotel General Manager Li Yajun, said: "rainbow in China, a spontaneous expression of good wishes to the people of the country's public series of events worthy of attention as well as each of us to join in, but also a sense of social responsibility of each enterprise should be support thing, I volunteer as a rainbow of China, but also as a palace hotel on behalf of such a business is very pleased to Rainbow Chinese can do something, we will in this public way, adhere to the walk down. rainbow pass, is to patriotism, to pass quickly between you and me. "

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