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U.S. stocks continued to fall overnight Air Hotel Bona Film IPO shares plunge
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Differentiate the performance of U.S. stocks closed Thursday, continuing the trend this week, the shock has, on behalf of blue-chip Dow Jones index fell slightly again, but driven by strong pharmaceutical stocks, the Nasdaq index rose for the seventh consecutive day. At the close, the Dow closed at 11,370.06 points, down 2.42 points, or 0.02%; the Nasdaq closed at 2616.67 points, up 7.51 points, or 0.29%, which is the index for the seventh consecutive day of gains, is December 31, 2007 has been highest closing level for three years; Standard & Poor's 500 Index closed at 1223.00 points, up 4.72 points, or 0.38%. Nearly half of China's stocks rose, education, media stocks as a whole performed well, and air and hotel stocks falling poor performance, the first day of listing Bona Film 22.59% plunge, the day before Youku listed Dangdang were up 23.64%, 7.72%. Disk point of view, education, media stocks, widely advertised rose 9.63%, up 5.26% Focus Media; was Paul remote education, New Oriental rose 4.84%, 2.58%; Internet stocks also performed well, Sohu rose 2.7%. Other gainers in New Dragon Asia rose 37.19%, 12.69% 21st century real estate prices. Fall standings, fell XSEL 5.26%, down 4.68% Qiao Xing Mobile, Home or 3.28%, the Han court or 0.47%. In addition, China ADR half of the fall, down 4.81% China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines fell 4.17%, 1.31% down on a petrochemical, China Unicom down 1.92% or 1.83%, CNOOC, PetroChina fell 1.70%.

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