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"Beautiful China" as the new darling of the five-star hotel reservation network
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End of the year 2010, the most beautiful Chinese net "five-star hotel ordering platform" launch. In the main "low-end consumer to enjoy," based on the most beautiful Chinese "five-star hotel ordering platform", but also for ordinary people reach for the five-star hotel on the lower threshold of high-end consumer. According to reports, December 1, the best introduction of ultra-cheap Chinese five-star hotel to stay active, consumers can shortcut as low as 299 yuan price of the hotel to achieve "five-star" to enjoy. "Five-star hotel Order" was the best on-line in China in September after a successful launch of a new heavy ordering platform. It is five-star hotel with high-end consumer platform; low-end price for the consumer means; business, general consumer population for the target audience; allow consumers to feel - stay at five-star hotel, really very simple. It is understood that "the most beautiful Chinese network" is a tourist information and business model to maximize the combination of the latest information on the national tourist attractions, tourism, community, electronic tickets, hotels and buy the official travel agency of the integration of resources into a service to visitors and the area the whole system, while providing a fine for the area, depth, comprehensive, interactive display platform on the other hand to provide a tourist trip for travelers reference archive. "The most beautiful Chinese Network" committed to creating a diverse, rich in content, pictures, vivid, full-featured universal tourism travel advisory interactive tool most useful; and is committed to be the most influential and authoritative travel network of experts.

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