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Hotel hotel industry begs development to want to characteristic is enrolled newl
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Hotel hotel industry begs development to want to characteristic is enrolled newly.

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Of short duration does not have brief introduction to develop continuously as the stability of Dali tourism, also drove public house of my Dali city, guesthouse to serve the promotion of course of study. In line of business of service of hotel, hotel, hotel of distinctive thering is no lack of and guesthouse, civilian room public house builds some the Bai nationality landscape of zoology water scene, gardens, some introduces eat of ethical song dancing partner, increase culture connotation, undertake auction of gem calligraphy and painting wait, attracted a guest, the business is hot... but mostly hotel, guesthouse lacks characteristic, a lot of as duplicate as inland, without local characteristic; Some is consumed to stimulate a client, not hesitate change gigantic endowment undertake to hotel, guesthouse " foreign " decorate, till introduce Western-style food big vegetable, result get half the result with twice the effort.

Current public house, guesthouse is bristly, the remain invincible in wanting to compete in intense market, besides science management, enthusiastic service, still must have the new device that attracts a guest to come.

The tourist comes to Dali, it is to appreciate natural scene and ethical culture, angle " change new " feel and enjoy distinctly, because of guesthouse of type of this modern large building and Western-style food, can not satisfy their appetite. Chilly of front courtyard of door of a lot of hotels, guesthouse, manage bleak crucial point to be in this. My city guesthouse, hotel besides go up class, outside strengthening management and service, increase characteristic even, undertake with new device sales promotion attracts client, tourist to come, in order to achieve " bustling " the effect.

The first, environment and adornment should have allure and glamour. The exterior of hotel, guesthouse is a client above all impression. A few the Bai nationality of Dali hotel of civilian house type, garden type, guesthouse is long fill do not decline, the outward appearance is very distinctive absorbing, the environment such as the running water inside, flowers, stone, Zhu Wu is quiet and tastefully laid out, make guests stay to forget to return repeatedly. Admittedly, the big public house of a few modernization is transformed hard, but can increase " roof garden " , undertake the adornment of zoology environment, beautification afforest. Be united in wedlock with culture industry at the same time, with literate the style of connotation and details undertakes decorating, abound the consumptive environment of client and tourist. Such, also can reflect Dali characteristic likewise, achieve the effect of stimulative spending.
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