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Guangdong student hotel (apartment) exploration is contented inside needed new w
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Guangdong student hotel (apartment) exploration is contented inside needed new way

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: As our country economy grows and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rises smoothly, domestic demand growth is rapid, the domestic demand in structure of passenger source of industry of our country hotel shows the trend that rises substantially. The Guangdong student hotel that appears in recent years fits the need that this one situation develops just about, to take the lead in satisfying inside needed to make beneficial exploration.

1998, guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhao Qingsan ground builds a hotel of the first batch of students of countrywide respectively. These hotels have wholesome and comfortable, cheap characteristic, still have the establishment such as communal reading room, activity, classroom, swimming-pool, be known as " the home of young joy " . Inside 3 years, guangdong will build a number to approve student hotel; Form a network to manage, strive for the delegate that regards Chinese youth as the hotel to join federation of world youth travel. At present the whole world has 4500 youths hotel about. Shanghai also undertakes transforming to old-style hotel, roll out the city public house of the masses chain. Group of bright and beautiful river develops " the star of bright and beautiful river " the hotel is namely contented inside need and develop, bustling, be welcomed by the society.

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