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In Shanghai inferior restaurant
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In Shanghai inferior restaurant is large muti_function business affairs hotel, of level of 4 stars grade decorate, with its elegant grade welcomes each guest ” to recall sensory “ of the home wholeheartedly.
Restaurant reposes at Shanghai's area of business affairs of modern liaison man, flourishing city class Shanghai of shopping centers —— not the heartland of nocturnal city, be on bright phearl, subway the central hub of a line, wear high with north and south for adjacent, communication is very easy.
Meal merchant building is as high as 25, have 388 to cover the guest room with design vogue, advanced equipment and flatlet. Interface of high speed Internet, TV of international satellite much channel, private safe, confuse you bar and individuation, convenient service builds sweet, comfortable house for you domestic life.
Restaurant has a color the dining-room of each different and banqueting hall 10, the establishment of of all kinds form a complete set such as travel of hall of center of Wu of hall of room of center of center of size auditoria, business affairs, travel service, peace and happiness, bowling, sauna, hairdressing, gym, ticket, bazaar, KTV, bar, coffee, flower.

Contact an address: Shanghai day looks on the west road 235
Zip code: 200070
The whole nation unites 24 hours of free hotels to book a hot line:
Did not open the city of 800 and mobile phone user:

Be apart from a railway station: 1 kilometers
Be apart from an airport: 12 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 2 kilometers
Be apart from haven: 3 kilometers

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