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Beijing Taiwan restaurant
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Taiwan restaurant is located in main street of Beijing's busiest well of government office of shopping centre king, border the building of general merchandise of well of king government office of famed China and foreign countries reachs Xin Dongan market.
Taiwan restaurant shares guest room 284, among them flatlet 14. Every guest room all sets central air conditioning, colour television, freezer, small-sized bar, international to dial directly phone and internet interface, deserve to have the motion picture free broadcast reach satellitic TV program. In addition, restaurant still sets room of fitness of hall of many medium, Western-style food, bar, beauty parlour, sauna and card to pull hall of OK singing and dancing to wait, provide the service of many sided for the guest.
Taiwan restaurant start business comes 10 years, all the time in order to offer high quality it is a tenet with high-class service. Restaurant faculty comes in new century during, welcome all directions restaurant of guest presence Taiwan, provide enthusiastic, considerate, comfortable, efficient service for all guest wholeheartedly.

Contact an address: Alley of goldfish of ave of well of Beijing king government office 5
Zip code: 100006
The whole nation unites 24 hours of free hotels to book a hot line:
Did not open the city of 800 and mobile phone user:

Be apart from a railway station: 4 kilometers
Be apart from an airport: 20 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 0 kilometers

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