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Zhejiang east big public house
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Do not have a picture Product brief introduction: Zhejiang east big public house sends sum of subsidiary bank of bank Hangzhou city to invest by Shanghai riverside.
The hotel is located in the west lake main street with busy Hangzhou and Yan'an road forked crossing emerge golden square, be apart from train new customer to stand 5 minutes car Cheng, from the west lake only 100 meters, trade, traffic, travel is very convenient, it is the good place that you choose to stay
The hotel has of all kinds guest room 100, the guest room that exceeds large area presses level of 4 stars grade to decorate. Hotel facilities is all ready, still have but what at the same time 400 people attend a meeting is muti_function hall, deserve to have inspect advancedly

Contact an address: Highway of Hangzhou west lake 258
Zip code: 310002
The whole nation unites 24 hours of free hotels to book a hot line:
Did not open the city of 800 and mobile phone user:

Be apart from a railway station: 2 kilometers
Be apart from an airport: 36 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 2 kilometers

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