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Midsummer guest abandons Dalian
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“ is midsummer come with the wind the sea, the guest is abandoned mirror ” of green hill of emerald green annulus.
Midsummer guest is abandoned be located in seaside of Dalian town south to pay a village travel beauty spot, 3 annulus hill, be close to at the same time the sea, natural scene is advantaged.
The building depends on hill and build, alternate with of on any account, strewn at random have send, corridor meandering, having a unique style; Cheng Hui of set each other off of red tile, Huang Qiang, green hill, greenery and blue sea, blue sky. The summit is built have ” of “ midsummer booth, half hill is built have fall, artificial hill diameter is winding extend Xiang Yousui cave; The foot of a mountain builds tablet of pool having a fish, poem, Shi Qiao, brook, housetop sets a garden. Spring come charactizing a fine spring day, luxuriantly green of summer beautiful wood, enter Qiu Bianshan red autumnal leaves, solstitial snow green manuring is loose. Place oneself is indoor and considerable admire purl, by column overlook, littoral wonderful scenery all stops eye ground. Face artery and not blatant, close city four becomes scope of operation additionally again. Quiet and tastefully laid out, halcyon, the Chinese and Western that is a model combines gardens type hotel.
Midsummer guest is abandoned is according to 4 stars class the standard is designed, market room, meal, conference, recreation, shop those who be equal to an organic whole is muti_function omnibus hotel, its are main establishment has: Guest room 240, include standard room, single room and luxurious suite; Big in little dining room 21, deserve to have high-grade acoustics and video hookup system, among them luxurious bag room 19, dining hall can welcome 500 people at the same time repast; Big in little assembly room 14, deserve to have system of conference synchronism hookup, among them big assembly room can accommodate 500 people left and right sides to attend a meeting at the same time; Recreational establishment has large and recreational club, have projects of all sorts of recreation of peace and happiness among them, luxurious KTV is set to wrap mulberry of room, large men and women inside mulberry of that bath, honoured guest is that bath, nightclub, bowling house, sanded room of card of the crock ball room, tennis court outdoor, gym, chess, billiards room, ping-pong room and advanced hairdressing beautify hair the room; Market still is set inside the hotel, manage general merchandise of all sorts of famous brand commodity, landed commodity, daily expense and books records to wait; Additional, the hotel still sets parking lot of large room inside and outside, execute enclosed managing.
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