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3 inferior Tian Zehai charm goes vacationing hotel
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3 inferior Tian Zehai charm goes vacationing hotel

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Charm of day lustre sea goes vacationing the hotel is by 3 inferior the hotel that investment of Tian Zeshi trade develops limited company to press investment of astral grade level to build, also be 3 inferior apartment of type of the first property right goes vacationing hotel, have at the same time 3 inferior sink exclusively corridor of type view scene.
The hotel is located in provide intertropical island scene extremely 3 inferior city 3 inferior bay, situation is advantageous, communication is easy. The long “ of a 17 kilometers ” of coconut forest a covered corridor or walk and depend on each other of hotel photograph lean close to, the sea of vast azure blue is in lift sufficient between.
Dock of passenger transport of border of hotel adjoin neighbour, famous from all over the world scene area the remotest corners of the earth 25 kilometers, the deer turns round park, on the west cloth of annulus of square of month of island, sea, rural hot spring all around.
The hotel has 226 guest room, decorate is delicate and elegant, the environment is recreational and easy. Adornment discloses everywhere elaborate and delicate, toilet defends open warmth, service facilities is all ready. 100% guest room all are 180 degrees of complete seascape, you never leave home to lie on the bed to admire maritime bright moon with respect to Ke Xin even, enjoy skyline right now. The hotel is ad hoc honeymoon room deserves to have big round house, let you all enjoy softhearted days. 100% guest room all have big balcony of seascape of be born type, luxurious seascape flatlet is to have big balcony of garden type seascape more, you can be lifted cup, Pin Ming, right sunshine of play chess, bath, read the sea, peremptory the garden in a sky is villatic. 100% flatlet all have independent modern kitchen, equipment kitchen utensils and appliances is all ready (hotel dining room offers fresh vegetable) .
The hotel is had at the same time luxurious muti_function tea of dining-room of auditoria, Chinese and Western, characteristic the establishment such as swimming-pool of scene of open waters of art house, city.

Of short duration does not have house price information!

Contact an address: Hainan 3 inferior city 3 inferior bay seaside road
Zip code: 572000
The whole nation unites 24 hours of free hotels to book a hot line:
Did not open the city of 800 and mobile phone user:

Be apart from an airport: 12 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 0 kilometers
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