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Triumphal big public house
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Triumphal big public house

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Shanghai victory big public house is management of group of hotel of Sai Mai of case Rhys · , the hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of fast star class that sum of triumphal oil field invests, the Ning Lu in be located in, the peace that be apart from Shanghai passageway of freeway Shanghai urban district 2 kilometers, border core wears ” of line of bright phearl of “ of road, orbit high, be apart from Cheng of rainbow bridge airport, railway station car 15 minutes. Brand-new establishment, considerate service, it is the optimal choice of tourist of business affairs personage, travel.
Wine merchant building is 15 tall, big luxurious air; Have the flatlet of administration of advanced business affairs such as the guest room with 236 disparate styles, royal, diamond; Elegance is showily, make guest experiences overflow is enjoyed. The hotel has top-ranking meeting Wu establishment, and the assembly room with different measurement; Muti_function hall can accommodate 300 people, set T arena, cooperate high-grade image sound, lamplight and sound insulation equipment, ensure consummation of your meeting Wu activity.

Of short duration does not have house price information!

Contact an address: The Ning Lu in area of Shanghai general Tuo 176
Zip code: 200063
The whole nation unites 24 hours of free hotels to book a hot line:
Did not open the city of 800 and mobile phone user:

Be apart from a railway station: 5 kilometers
Be apart from an airport: 8 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 5 kilometers

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