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Guesthouse of boreal capital clear hot spring
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Guesthouse of boreal capital clear hot spring

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Guesthouse of Beijing Huaqing hot spring is to hang out one's shingle SamSung class guesthouse, be located at sunny area to establish water bridge. Border group of trade of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games reachs Beijing one of the biggest community Tian Tongyuan, it is a capital guesthouse of hot spring of open air of first large park, it is Beijing terrestrial heat uses stress demonstrative unit integratedly. Guesthouse has standard room more than 100, have a style room of card of ball of the natatorium inside all sorts of assembly room of each different, dining-room and city, bowling, billiards, sanded lake, wall ball, ping-pong, chess, card pulls OK, gym, sauna, hairdressing to beautify hair wait for everything needed is ready. Especially outdoor hot spring, take what human body place contains to need in water of 2738 meters of hot spring of subterranean oneself a variety of microelement, can accommodate paddle of 300 more than person, fitness, medical treatment, health care at the same time. Guesthouse of Hua Qingwen spring is the your conference, accommodation, fitness, medical treatment, meal, recreation, ideal world that go vacationing.

Contact an address: Area of Beijing rising sun establishs water bridge armour 2
Zip code: 102218
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Be apart from downtown: 0 kilometers

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