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Beijing easy restaurant
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Beijing easy restaurant

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Beijing easy restaurant was 2003 the high-grade restaurant of base start business, be located in Beijing on the west the square austral guest station east side.
Restaurant has a room 302, a variety of rooms such as world having sheet, luxurious big inner room, business affairs apartment. Hall of restaurant head layer sets bar of business affairs center, Shang Ting, old hall to wait. Can accommodate have dinner of about 300 people, set many between luxurious bag. 4 are set muti_function the assembly room with hall and different measurement and anteroom.
The recreational establishment of restaurant has hall of chess card room, billiards, gym, sauna, swimming-pool, bowling room, badminton, hairdressing to beautify hair etc.
All round landscape: Altar of market of lotus pool park, banking, century

Contact an address: Lotus of horse of Beijing abundant stage on the west the square austral guest station 9
Zip code: 100055
The whole nation unites 24 hours of free hotels to book a hot line:
Did not open the city of 800 and mobile phone user:

Be apart from a railway station: 10 kilometers
Be apart from an airport: 35 kilometers
Be apart from downtown: 8 kilometers

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