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Astral mark castigatory takes horny reason seriously to think more
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Astral mark castigatory takes horny reason seriously to think more

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: Recommend sexual standard as the country, " of class of star of hotel of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals delimit dispenses assess " (mark of star of the following abbreviation) it is right of a kind of of the facilities facilities that existing restaurant company has and offer product fundamental integrated authority. Same, the construction that restaurant company enters after be being mixed to new investor and facilities facilities are deployed, product supply also has a kind of automatical guiding. So, of astral mark making is a very prudent thing. Also because of this, after astral mark was released formally by State Bureau of Technical Supervision 1993, of astral mark edited of standard itself due justice. The author thinks, newest round astral mark edits need undertakes reflection from the following perspectives, perhaps say to need to reflect the thought of the following respects, principle and content. Work to editing, the adjustment of standard article is necessary, but rational reflection is premise, more important.

One, the tool that astral mark is industry government, it is the signal mechanism that quality affirms more

Hotel industry is the industry with a very complex subordinating relation, below the circumstance that lacks arrangement of puissant administration power, want to carry out active management to a such industries, must have chosen appropriate industry government tool, with respect to this character, astral mark is branch of travel administration director undoubtedly carry out industry government to hotel industry be depended on importantly and tool.

But, in market economy, astral mark should be regarded to be mechanism of a kind of signal more, the quality that one kind helps consumer or tourist undertakes the product is judged affirms signal! Travel product especially a of the product that restaurant company place offers very important characteristic cannot move namely quality, produce the oneness with consumption. The feature of this kind of product makes the immanent quality that the product cannot affirm before consumer is using this product. In cannot affirm simply but below the circumstance that must make reasonable judgement to its quality again, consumer needs Yu Mou of have the aid of some other and OK the correct judgement that the index since will arrive to replace a product quality. This is bought just like corporeal commodity same. When consumer cannot make clear judgement to the quality of this commodity, he perhaps is met the price according to this commodity, perhaps meet according to this commodity famous degree, even this brand is the judgement that regional brand or national brand will come to to make quality. Buy in this decision-making in, the price of commodity, famous degree, brand incidence acted as of quality replace index. When consumer undertakes restaurant chooses, the astral class of restaurant is removing such action that replaces index namely.
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