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Discuss astral grade level edit
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Discuss astral grade level edit

Origin: Author: Stand originallyTime: 2008-10-27Tag: Click: The author is on the foundation that studies level of original star grade and astral class restaurant seriously, think of level of hotel star grade edit want to be able to abide by direct company action, encourage management characteristic, facilitate identify measure, the basic principle of sclerotic quality standard.
If travel formerly,the definition of restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals can recieve sightseeing guest, business affairs guest for " , go vacationing guest and the restaurant of all sorts of conferences. "And now guest type increasingly diversification, former definition already cannot cover existing restaurant type, reason proposal instead, "The commerciality that can offer the establishment such as accommodation and relevant service for the guest serves an enterprise. "Such, more accord with the product character with contemporary the mainest restaurant, the relevant enterprise that also gives more wanting that participate astral class with the opportunity, expand ceaselessly thereby the asset dimensions of our country restaurant.
Additional, "The formulation of " of restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, it is the special period that makes in level of former star grade, emphasize astral class restaurant should entering a country in order to recieve travel is given priority to put forward, in new now history period, domestic travel already entered a country more than greatly travel, removed main effect to driving the development of our country tourism, what astral class restaurant recieves in great quantities is domestic guest, and live inn guest also is travel guest not just, the formulation of restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals is accordingly malapropos already, proposal instead restaurant.

Encourage management characteristic

At present although our country restaurant already tended on total amount saturated, but go up in the category, still lack major restaurant, theme restaurant, and the essential point of these restaurant depends on having management characteristic. No matter be restaurant operator or academic investigator,think generally now, characteristic is the fetch that restaurant manages, it is a magic weapon of competitive get the upper hand of, new astral class standard should guide actively and encourage an enterprise to develop its to manage characteristic.
The restaurant of dining-room can be had in a lot of developed countries, see the self-help that is less than a clerk serves restaurant, and these restaurant also are accepted by guest place, because the guest had more choice opportunities. Our country already joined WTO, astral grade level also should conform with international, of level of proposal star grade edit, can consider to install postulate and choice condition, in postulate, the relevant equipment that needs place of guest room product and service serve as main body, the equipment that is like guest room, antechamber and service, the enterprise has postulate it is OK to notch the astral class with corresponding assess, astral grade level should be touch down, also be necessary notch, other regard a choice as the condition, be like, the company can choose actually to configure dining-room or conference equipment to wait according to oneself, and some kind of theme in becoming this star class restaurant or integrated model restaurant, suggest new astral class standard still can establish such project, if characteristic project adds cent (be our region or whole nation like some project most) , use material of new-style environmental protection to add classify, characteristic adds minute of accumulative total to certain level, can reduce its necessary notched standard or particularly honorary certificate sends when assess star class, this will be big to hotel sale and promotion helpful, also can guide an enterprise to develop its morely to manage characteristic, more major restaurant also will be born in the meantime.
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