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Shuang Fei of lake of pool of yellow fruiter chute, the Milky way, Gong Feng swi
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Shuang Fei of lake of pool of yellow fruiter chute, the Milky way, Gong Feng swims 5 days

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The first day: Beijing goes to Guiyang by plane, receive machine hind to visit Guiyang gust at one's own expenses fastfood a street, enter a hotel; Live Guiyang

The following day: The area of beautiful brook scene that 17 kilometers of distance Guiyang city visit after breakfast, the area of scene of pool of the Milky way of uncanny workmanship (entrance ticket of water drought hole from
Manage 40 yuan / person) , have the black rock ancient town of 600 years of histories, town village; Chinese meal gives farmhouse gust eat; Live Guiyang

The 3rd day: Breakfast hind visits the Gong Feng lake that has good name of " of " highland bright phearl by ship, visit the drum-tower of the Dong nationality that is known as " China to build marvellous spectacle " and harships bridge, primitive Miao Zhai, the minority amorous feelings that experiences Guizhou (mobile cost provides for oneself) ; Chinese meal gives eat of gust of piscine shrimp banquet, tea of inscription sweet cabinet art performance; Live Guiyang or An Shun

The 4th day: Breakfast hind visits the Asia's biggest fall- - hole of shade of yellow fruiter chute, water, full those who see cataract is grand with grand, view and admire the area of Tian Xingqiao scene with unpredicatable, pretty scenery: The stone forest on miniascape garden, water, silver-colored catenary drops pool chute, Tian Xingqiao; Chinese traditional medicine looks around in road institute - Lu Ling house, how to arrange wax printing factory. Dinner gives fish of gust acerbity soup; Live Guiyang

The 5th day: The building of city badge name that Guiyang visits after breakfast- - Jia Xiulou, orchid square; Visit the Buddhist name temple with the biggest southwest- - Guizhou clever hill (great blessing temple) , guizhou clever park; The airliner returns Beijing afternoon.

Quote: Grow up 2480 yuan / person

Service standard:
(1) traffic: Beijing / Guiyang / Beijing plane ticket and airport construction duty; When trailer coach of ground air conditioning
(2) accommodation: Between SamSung class hotel or standard of two-men of the hotel that be the same as class
(3) have dinner: 4 breakfast 7 prandial (prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk)
(4) entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head
(5) tourist guide: Local tourist guide explains
(6) safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility

Quote did not contain:
(1) did not contain accident insurance of aviation insurance, person
(2) did not contain prandial place to use wine water beverage
(3) did not contain at one's own expenses tourist attraction entrance ticket
(4) without natural cell, like occurrence sheet male single daughter needs to fill the difference that hand in a room
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