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Fierce exterminate hill Shuang Fei of 9 brooks, Xiamen, island bosomy billow swi
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Fierce exterminate hill Shuang Fei of 9 brooks, Xiamen, island bosomy billow swims 5 days

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The first day: Beijing goes to fierce exterminate hill by plane, visit bath of peak of screen of hole of nest of day of You Feng, cloud, tea, concealed, celestial being afternoon stage of scene of the pool, cliff that bask in cloth, peak that receive bamboo shoot, view, enter a hotel subsequently; Live fierce exterminate hill

The following day: Breakfast hind visits day of You Feng, the balsa that multiply bamboo is seaborne the scene area at picturesque scenery; Visit hall of street of the Song Dynasty of fierce exterminate palace, archaize, 3 Qing Dynasty subsequently, tea of 10 thousand Chun Yuan, view art performance; Live fierce exterminate hill

The 3rd day: Cliff of howl of the Youhu after breakfast, language the spring, bridge that decide a life, not day of billow boat, a gleam of, wind tunnel, afternoon by train (16: 30/6:40) the train goes to Xiamen (do not contain dinner) ; Live on the train

The 4th day: Touch Xiamen early, visit maritime garden to rouse garden of billow island, solar cliff, lark, watch 10 thousand countries to build, south area of scene of road of island of general Tuo temple, Hu Xiyan, annulus, send green zoology gardens, egret continent park; Live Xiamen

The 5th day: Jimei is visited to learn garden of village, a huge legendary turtle, Chen Jiageng after breakfast memorial hall, return hall; Subsequently hind return Beijing by plane

Quote: Grow up 2600 yuan of people

Service standard:
(1) traffic: Beijing / Wu Yi hill, Xiamen / Beijing airline ticket and airport construction duty; Fierce exterminate hill / Xiamen lies forcedly train ticket; When trailer coach of ground air conditioning
(2) accommodation: Between SamSung class hotel or standard of two-men of the hotel that be the same as class
(3) have dinner: 4 breakfast 8 prandial (prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk)
(4) entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head
(5) tourist guide: Local tourist guide explains
(6) safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility

Quote did not contain:
(1) did not contain accident insurance of aviation insurance, person
(2) did not contain prandial place to use wine water beverage
(3) did not contain at one's own expenses tourist attraction entrance ticket
(4) without natural cell, like occurrence sheet male single daughter needs to fill the difference that hand in a room

Special make clear:
(1) encounter hill of exterminate of special account fierce / hill of exterminate of fierce of instead of car of Xiamen Duan Huo / fontal city train is gone to before change BUS Xiamen
(2) if encounter national policy sex to move valence, my social security leaves the right that changes to above price
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