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Shuang Fei of cataract of day of Nanning, heart, the North sea swims 5 days
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Shuang Fei of cataract of day of Nanning, heart, the North sea swims 5 days

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The first day: Beijing goes to Nanning by plane, enter a hotel; Live Nanning

The following day: Breakfast hind goes to heart day by BUS, the car sees Hei Shuihe, Sha Tun fold waterfall, Gui Chunhe, cross 19 a low bank of earth between fields subsequently, watch 10 lis of gallery on the way, overlook chiliad ancient wood - rack of Jian wood king, green island, medium jump over 53 boundary tablet; Visit an Asia the biggest chute that cross a country - heart day chute, yao watchs Vietnam board to make an appointment with chute; Live heart day

The 3rd day: Breakfast hind goes to Jing Xi, visit a country one class tourist attraction - connect clever big gorge: Rare vegetation of day of virgin forest scene, hole Tibetan gold, a gleam of, precious, connect the clever cataract, 3 chute that fold mountain; Live Nanning

The 4th day: Breakfast hind goes to the North sea, south bead base, guangxi local speciality; Live the North sea

The 5th day: Breakfast hind visits upper bay square, city carve, silver-colored beach, go to Nanning, return Beijing by plane.

Quote: Grow up 2960 yuan / person

Service standard:
(1) traffic: Beijing / Nanning / Beijing airline ticket going there and back and airport construction duty; When trailer coach of ground air conditioning
(2) accommodation: Between SamSung class hotel or standard of two-men of the hotel that be the same as class (heart day is hotel of 2 stars class)
(3) have dinner: 4 breakfast 7 prandial (prandial 4 dish one soup, 4 people one desk)
(4) entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head
(5) tourist guide: Local tourist guide explains
(6) safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility

Quote did not contain:
(1) did not contain accident insurance of aviation insurance, person
(2) did not contain prandial place to use wine water beverage
(3) did not contain at one's own expenses tourist attraction entrance ticket
(4) without natural cell, like occurrence sheet male single daughter needs to fill the difference that hand in a room

Special make clear:
(1) if encounter national policy sex to move valence, my social security leaves the right that changes to above price
(2) below the premise that reducing a tourist attraction, the tourist guide can undertake adjustment to the journey according to the circumstance
(3) if cause journey incur loss through delay because of cannot defying an element, the charge of place happening provides for oneself by the guest, my company will make to the journey according to the circumstance optimal adjust
Phone signing up: 010-62698155 (international grand base Miss Zhang)

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