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Lake of Huang Shan, 1000 islands, Hangzhou sends Shanghai double lie 7 days to s
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Lake of Huang Shan, 1000 islands, Hangzhou sends Shanghai double lie 7 days to swim

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The first day: Beijing station goes to Huang Shan by train (K45 second 10:08) ; Live on the train

The following day: Touch Huang Shan early (05:38) , multiply after breakfast telpher on hill (charge provides for oneself 66 yuan / person) , visit the pine that greet a guest, sky sea of day of scaling ladder of Yu Bing, 100 paces, a gleam of, day, bright top (the eat on hill provides for oneself) ; Live on hill

The 3rd day: The go on a journey that watch day flies stone, on the west unripe flower of pen of the sea, booth that discharge the cloud, the North sea, dream, only then letter peak, on foot downhill; Live collect brook

The 4th day: Breakfast hind goes to 1000 islands lake by the car, visit the lucky island of 1000 islands lake: Peacock garden, snake garden, ostrich garden, lucky cabinet, go to Hangzhou by the car; Stay in Hangzhou

The 5th day: West lake of the row after breakfast (do not go up island) , watch Su Di of snow of the dawn of 3 Tan Yinyue, Su Di spring, incomplete that break the bridge, ramble, you Ling concealed flies day of grand sight of grotto of peak, China, a gleam of, Dragon Well tea asks tea, admire real silk fashion show, go to Shanghai by the car, white chrysanthemum of Hangzhou of by way of produces base - tung countryside, sample freely chrysanthemum tea; Stay in Shanghai

The 6th day: Swing, freedom shops (eat provides for oneself) ; Go up by oneself afternoon railway station by train (1462 14:25) return Beijing! (If change air conditioning express adds 160 yuan additionally / person) ; Live on the train

The 7th day: 12:1Touch the station austral Beijing 4 minutes, end happy journey!

Quote: Grow up 1490 yuan / person

Service standard:
(1) traffic: Beijing / Huang Shan, shanghai / Beijing train ticket (lie forcedly) reach fee of the service that order a ticket; When trailer coach of ground air conditioning
(2) accommodation: Between hotel of 2 stars class or standard of two-men of the hotel that be the same as class; (much world lives on hill, communal Wei Yu)
(3) have dinner: 3 breakfast 5 prandial (prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk)
(4) entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head, steamer ticket
(5) tourist guide: Local tourist guide explains
(6) safe: Danger of travel agent responsibility

Quote did not contain:
(1) did not contain the have dinner on the have dinner on the train and Huang Shan hill
(2) did not contain Huang Shan to go up telpher reach other at one's own expenses tourist attraction
(3) did not contain prandial place to use wine water beverage
(4) without natural cell, like occurrence sheet male single daughter needs filling room difference
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