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Chengdu is 9 stockaded village, yellow Le Shanshuang of hill of eyebrow of drago
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Chengdu is 9 stockaded village, yellow Le Shanshuang of hill of eyebrow of dragon, high mountain flies 7 days to swim

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The first day: Beijing goes to Chengdu by plane, enter a hotel; Live Chengdu

The following day: Breakfast hind sets out by the car, oil of river of native place of Li Bai of celestial being of this world of continous of city of science and technology of by way of, poem, smooth fierce, touch channel of 9 stockaded village;

The 3rd day: Breakfast hind visits elfland of world of " fairy tale, world "---Channel of 9 stockaded village (the Chinese meal inside channel provides for oneself) : Tree channel (Shu Zhengqun sea, tree chute, lie sea of Long Hai, scintilla) ; day channel (Nuorilang chute of beach of sea of Zhu Hai of chute, arrow, lens, pearl, 5 beautiful seas, panda sea, panda; Criterion broken bits depression channel (multicoloured pool, long sea, old person cypress) ; Watch evening party of singing and dancing to admire Tibetian amorous feelings at one's own expenses; Live mouth of channel of 9 stockaded village

The 4th day: The 9 stockaded village after breakfast go to Huang Long by the car, visit " world to precious jade beauty spot of pool "- Huang Long (because of,be like weather reason, arrangement visits the channel that seek the Buddhist nun) , visit processing factory of flesh of yak of downy special local product, characteristic crystal shop, tibetian handicraft; Live loose Panhuo luxuriant county

The 5th day: Breakfast hind returns Chengdu by the car, admire amorous feelings of white horse Tibetian on the way, azalea hill scene, visit magical Tibet cure to hide medicine, arrive at Chengdu, dinner samples at one's own expenses Sichuan gust is fastfood; Live Chengdu

The 6th day: The Chengdu after breakfast sets out to go to Le Shan by the car, visiting characteristic is crystal handicraft inn, visit world-famous happy Shandafo, tang Chao ancient a plank road built along a cliff, courtyard of ancient buddhist of reach the clouds, go to hill of high mountain eyebrow subsequently; Live hill of high mountain eyebrow

The 7th day: Hill of high mountain eyebrow visits after breakfast (telpher provide for oneself) : Change sightseeing car visits day of atonic cabinet, a gleam of, watch zoology monkey area, return Chengdu by the car subsequently, return Beijing by plane.

Quote: Grow up 2720 yuan / person

Service standard:
(1) traffic: Beijing / Chengdu airline ticket going there and back and airport construction duty; When trailer coach of ground air conditioning
(2) accommodation: Between SamSung class hotel or standard of two-men of the hotel that be the same as class
(3) have dinner: 6 breakfast 9 prandial (prandial 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk)
(4) entrance ticket: Entrance ticket of path of tourist attraction head
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