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Channel of Chengdu, 9 stockaded village, yellow Long Shuangfei swims 5 days
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Channel of Chengdu, 9 stockaded village, yellow Long Shuangfei swims 5 days

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The first day: Beijing goes to Chengdu by plane, the hotel is entered after arriving at (do not contain eat) ; Live Chengdu

The following day: Breakfast hind sets out from Chengdu, by way of " Shi Xian " continous of Li Bai birthplace is in relief, "The the Three Kingdoms is vestigial " river oil closes, the birthplace of giant panda makes the same score fierce county, the amorous feelings of white horse Tibetian with distinctive, attractive appreciation, cross scenery of the four seasons happy person, altitude many meters 3000 azalea hill, arrive at the channel of 9 stockaded village in fokelore; Live channel of 9 stockaded village

The 3rd day: Car of environmental protection of area of scene of the change after breakfast overflows channel of You Rushi's picturesque 9 stockaded village, appreciate the refined taste of virgin forest, admire sigh to watch the chromatic water world till. Tree channel: Sea of bulrush sea, miniascape beach, dragon, tree beach sea, tree chute, lie sea of sea of Long Hai, scintilla, small mill, rhinoceros, Nuorilang chute. Day criterion channel: Chute of chute of beach of lens sea, pearl, 5 beautiful seas, panda sea, arrow bamboo sea, panda sea. Criterion broken bits depression channel: Seasonal sea, multicoloured pool, long sea, old person cypress. Admire at one's own expenses late wonderful the evening party of singing and dancing Tibetan Qiang that has ethical characteristic (160 yuan / person) ; Live plain advocate temple or loose Pan

The 4th day: Huang Long comes by the car after breakfast, visiting highland crystal produces food of highland of treatment ground, green formerly -- yak pulp mill, cross altitude mouth of 4200 meters snow mountain strip of land between hills, firn of overlook all the year round, altitude 5588 meters Min mountain the highest peak in a mountain range -- Xue Baoding. Visit " world to precious jade beauty spot of pool "- Huang Long: Pool of the colour that greet guest, bright mirror mirrors pool, contend for colourful colour pool (because of,be like weather reason, arrangement visits beauty spot of the channel that seek the Buddhist nun - plunge into chute) ; Live luxuriant county or loose Pan

The 5th day: Breakfast hind returns Chengdu, admire the beautiful scene of river valley of highland of Min river two sides on the way, much appearance hides Qiang folkway folk-custom colorfully, visit processing factory of medicine of magical Tibet Tibetan cure, handicraft. Return Beijing by plane!

Quote: Grow up 2250 yuan / person

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(1) traffic: Beijing / Chengdu airline ticket going there and back and airport construction duty; When trailer coach of ground air conditioning
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